Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria Inc. "O Leonidas"

Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne & Victoria "Leonidas", is a brotherhood that often reaches our ears.
With various actions in her work, from the bust of Leonidas in distant Australia, the presentation of the world premiere of the documentary by Vassilis Jenimahaliotis and Billy Kotsis, entitled "Magna Graecia: The Greko of Calabria", the support for needy families, the struggle for the return of the Parthenon Marbles, parish solidarity in the midst of the period of anti-covid measures, the fight for Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and other things simpler, but equally important for Greece, such as the events of National Anniversaries, actions that they highlight our morals and customs, actions to strengthen relations with distant Australia, actions for young people and much more.
Antiquities 1978.
Today, the 3rd of December of the year 1978 and Sunday at 2:00 pm, the Electoral Committee convened the old and new Board of Directors. and the ancient ceremonies took place. They were not voted on because no second person was nominated for the office of president, treasurer and secretary. They were elected to the following positions:
President – Ioannis Katsambis
Vice President – Antonios Kalogerinis
Secretary - Vasilios Giusepis
Assistant Secretary – Evangelos Yannes
Treasurer - Anastasios (Tom) Piliouras
Assistant Treasurer - Konstantinos Malavazos
Member - Ioannis Vlacholias
Minutes of the Electoral Commission
December 3, 1978

The photo was taken on December 5, 1996 when the Board of Directors approved the purchase of the building and lot where the Pallakoniko Family Center was created. From left: Pelagia Katsambi, Antonia Arvanitaki, Fanis Arvanitakis, Panagiotis Stavrianos, Georgios Piliouras, Tassos Piliouras, Giannoula Theodorakakou, Tassos Theodorakakos, Leonidas Karydis, Fred Dean and Reverend David Cramond (representatives of the sellers Uniting Church of Australia), Katerina Mitr the, Christos Dim. Vlachos (president), Nasoula Vlachou, Panagiotis Christakos, Stratis Karydis and in front Panagiota Katsambis, Takis Malavazos, Vassilis Giusepis (treasurer), Dimitris Katsambis (secretary)

The Association organized the traditional New Year's party on Friday, December 31 at the Laconian Family Center, giving everyone the opportunity to have fun and welcome the new millennium together.

But what is the Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria "Leonidas"
The Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria "Leonidas" was established in 1961. It was originally formed in order to bring together all Australians that trace their descent from Laconia – a region in the southern eastern mainland of Greece, with the capital of Sparta.

Since 1989 the Brotherhood’s Clubrooms have been located at 253 Albert Street, Brunswick. During the post war period, Brunswick has been the home of a high concentration of Greek Australians harking from Laconia.

The key objectives of the Pallaconian are stated in Article 2 of its Constitution, and include:

a. To unite all Hellenes of Laconian origin and their descendants living in Melbourne and anywhere in the State of Victoria b. To promote and advance the moral, social and spiritual development of its members, and assist Laconians living in Victoria in strengthening relations with other associations or organisations that hold goals c. To acquire and maintain a cultural centre that may be used by the members of the Brotherhood in a number of ways d. To provide for the social, cultural, spiritual, creative development and recreation of the families of its members in any beneficial way such as: Lectures, exhibitions, establishing and maintaining a library and reading-room, organising art, entertainment and recreational activities e. The contribution of the Brotherhood towards any public, national and philanthropic institution, or a patriotic or educational cause

In the early days of its formation, newly arrived immigrants from Hellas (Greece), were able to stay in touch under the auspices of the Brotherhood. The club organised social functions as well as providing a support group for members to help overcome the challenges of living in a foreign country so far from home.

Today the club continues to organise a large variety of social functions, as well as supporting many philanthropic causes. This change in emphasis has become possible due to the establishment of such a large and vibrant population of Laconian descent in Melbourne and Victoria, which is still largely located in the Moreland area.

The club has become active in maintaining the Laconian cultural heritage, through the establishment of a Traditional Hellenic Dancing Group, Senior Citizens Branch, a Cultural Committee, development of a library, and numerous social events aimed at bringing Laconian and Hellenic Culture to the broader Victorian community.

List of Presidents

You can find the Brotherhood at:
Phone: (03) 9387 8410 (Australia)

Address: 253 Albert Street, Brunswick,
3056, Melbourne, Victoria