Tyrimmas of Macedon

Tyrimmas (8th century BC - 7th century BC) was, according to Eusebius of Caesarea, the third king of Macedonia after Carano. According to Eusebius, he reigned for forty-two years and was succeeded by his son Perdiccas I.
A passage from the historical Satyr records three kings before Perdiccas I, the founder of the Argeadian dynasty in Herodotus' list: Carano, Coinus, and Tyrimmas.

However, this position is disputed by younger historians since Herodotus places Perdiccas I as the first Macedonian king. Of course, apart from the fact that it is known that Herodotus served the political expedients of the time, others of his time disagree, apart from Satyr, who adds Koinos and Tyrimmas to the list, Marsyas of Pella, Theopompos and Justin agree that the Caranos was the father of Perdiccas. Furthermore, Plutarch claimed in his biography of Alexander the Great that all his sources agreed that Caranos was its founder. Based on these, Herodotus' claim could be propaganda against the Argeadian family, contrary to the claim of some scholars who believe that the opposite is happening, i.e. it was propaganda of the Argeadian court, which probably intends to reduce the importance of the name "Perdiccas » to rival family branches after the accession of Amyntas.
In any case, we should always keep in mind that political expediency is not something that appeared today, but has existed since ancient times.

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