Saint Dorotheos Hieromartyr, bishop of Tyre, June 5

Ὁ Δωρόθεος, κἂν φραγγέλλωμαι λέγει,
Λείπουσι πολλὰ πρὸς τὰ Χριστοῦ μου πάθη.
Πέμπτῃ Δωροθέοιο δέμας πληγῇσι δαμάσθη.
Saint Dorotheos (255 - 362) was a Christian bishop of Tire and a martyr of the Orthodox church. Not to be confused with the elder of Antioch. He is traditionally credited with the Acts of the Septuagint (which may be the same work as the lost Septuagint), which is mentioned in Luke 10:1.

Saint Dorotheos was a scholar not only of the divine scriptures, but also of Greek education. He was barren from birth, whom Diocletian made procurator of Tyre. He flourished in the year 303, when he endured many hardships in the persecutions of Diocletian, and was finally exiled.
He returned to his church, after the evil had passed, and exhorted the faithful until the time of Julian and then fled to Odessa. There he was captured by the emperor's lords, tortured to death and martyred at the age of 107.

Saint Dorotheos was a shepherd who had "the formation of knowledge and truth in the law" (to Romans, 2. 20). That is, the exact knowledge and truth, found in the Law, in the Old and New Testaments.

When the murderous persecution broke out against the Church in the years of Diocletian, his flock, in order to lose their precious shepherd, with fervent entreaties managed and convinced him to move away from the place of persecution. He retired to Dyssos, a city in Thrace, and there he lived as an ascetic until this fierce persecution passed. When the storm of persecution passed, he returned to his flock and with all the paternal affection that distinguished him, supported the faith of the weak and took the lead in helping widows, orphans, the sick, and in general, the grieving.

He lived many years. It even preceded the reign of Julian the Transgressor. The pagans, however, who were proteges of this emperor, caught Dorotheus and after torturing him mercilessly killed him in 362 AD. Thus he won the crown of martyrdom. Dorotheos was then 107 years old.

Today his ecclesiastical record is preserved, for the 70 disciples of Jesus Christ.

His memory is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on June 5.

Some Christian works of the end of the 3rd century are pseudo-epigraphically attributed to Dorotheus of Tyre. These works describe the lives of the Apostles and their disciples, including the tradition about Barnabas living in Rome.

Functional texts
Apolytikion (Download)
Ἦhos d'. He understood quickly.
Your perfect gift, from the Father of lights, the radiance of wisdom, as a wise Hierarch, I accept, Dorotheus, from where you abound, blessed is your talent, who sported for nature, let him sink in old age, ambassador Hieromartyr, for our souls.

Heteron Apolytikion
Ἦhos d'.
And partaker of manners, and successor of thrones, being born of the Apostles, in deed you were inspired by God, in theory ascended: by this word of the truth of the orthodox, and in the faith that was shed unto blood, Hieromartyr Dorotheus, Ambassador of Christ to God, may our souls be saved.

Heteron Apolytikion
Ἦhos a'. Citizen of the desert.
Of the wisdom in the mystery, holy we believe, all of your holy books, cherishing Dorotheus; because shepherd of the flock of Christ, of Tire in your many meetings, you confirmed your appeal to Him, in the pains of the sport. Hail the beauty of the High Priests, Hail the boast of the Martyrs; Hail the philopon of your study, the divine writer.

Number d´. You showed up today.
George Akamaton of the vineyard, whom Christ planted, the animal on the right, let us all honor saying: Hail to Tire the glory Dorotheus.

Heteron Kontakion
Ἦhos pl. d´. The superman.
Of the Church the shepherd and teacher, of the Prayer the bitter and great reed, the multifaceted martyr in pain; signing the love to the Lord, and sealing the faith, we praise saying Joys: Glory to Tyre, Dorotheus.

Heteron Kontakion
Ἦhos c'. The Virgin today.
Orthodox doctrines, Hieromartyr you preached, a gift of the holy God, you offered yourself to the Creator, first in practice you excelled, then in the testimony of a solid athlete, and lawfully obeyed, the prize of victory, by Christ of God.

Hail heavenly mystics, Hail the beginning of perfect gifts, Hail God of all things the blessing; Dorothea of ​​Tyre, excellent hearer.

Heteron Magalynarius
Behold the plantation of Heaven, let us drink the vine full of fruit, of the High Priesthood of the sept and Martyrdom; Dorotheon of honorable gifts named.

The House
Glory of the Hierarchy and honor of the Martyrdom and glory of your writings, you are mostly adorned, blessed Dorotheus; you brighten the firmament of the sky and the rest of the earth, cheering the crews, and beautifying the face of the Church. For us who admire your excellences, you hear in a voice of praise and in confirmation of its honor; Hail the reed of wisdom; Hail the teacher of truth. Hail the High Priests, the God-honored listener; Hail the Martyrs of Christ, the honorable Light. Hail the Light lamp of the Trinity sweetly appearing light; Hail the prayerful house of grace; Hail the manners of the Angels in your flesh; Hail the Angel of Tire; Hail the mighty conqueror; Hail the acid-breathed scripture; Hail the purifying fountain of divine gifts Hail the Lord of the vineyard in Tyre Hail, bright nymph of Eden, who dwells. Hail, glory of Tyre, Dorothea.

Ἦhos pl. d´. Sophia and Logon.
Apostle the grace, and the myrrh of the myrrh, you were in the saint, the Holy Dorothe; let, reasonable in the threads, the empties of life. And by your words and deeds, even so, you have pointed out the tribulation of the Agossan in tents of glory and infinite splendor.

Other Seat
Ἦhos c'. Of divine faith.
Divine doctrine, O you of lights, you presented yourself as a holy gift, to the immortal King through sport, and now you dwell, O rejoicing, in the first-born in the upper metropolis, Father Hosea, beseeching Christ God, bestow upon us the great mercy.