The real cause of the war in Ukraine, the Middle East and the propaganda

In our quest for information on some basic issues from around the world, we encountered something we all more or less knew, propaganda everywhere, from all sides on all issues, even the smallest ones.

We tried to present some issues without the propaganda and we saw that all the social media are aligned on the same line on the propaganda. The American ones completely silenced us, for example in our posts from where they had thousands of likes we saw within a day a huge change and reduction almost to zero. Anything that is not in line with the propaganda is deleted, just as this article will be deleted when we upload it, for example, to Facebook.

Let's get to the point of the article. What is the reason for all this propaganda? Why do we find the same issues in a strong degree in American-controlled interests (eg, Navalny)? Why do western interests do the same? real cause of the war in Ukraine, the Middle East? Here we should mention that when we say American, Russian, etc. interests, this is a general position to define where you find the bulk of the capital, without really having a nationality, in global companies, for example dominant capital of America was and the capital of the Greek magnate Onassis. Also, along with the superpowers, other countries also participate as allies or bases.

The answer is simple and control. Since ancient times and the years of Greek rule, a key role in the developing civilizations that dominated was trade.

Let's not forget how important the Silk Road was even to history itself

With this in mind the superpowers are trying to control trade and the main trade routes as was done during the colonial period in America,
A key trade route is the one in the photo above, it is the main supply route that Russia is trying to control. Russia has a similar trade route. For decades it was dominated by America, with repeated wars in the Middle East. Iraq Afghanistan etc. With various pretexts and funny excuses he took control of the trade by opening the roads for the movement of materials and more.

Russia also entered the game, trying in turn to control areas along its route,

In many cases these itineraries coincided, hence the intense confrontations, disputes and indirect wars between them.

The battle for control of territories led to wars destroying entire countries and peoples. The inhabitants of which are turning into immigrants and refugees. Something that also serves the chapter but we will talk about it in detail in another article.

The above topic is not a science fiction or conspiracy scenario, if someone follows the internal politics of the countries they will see that all of the above are the main axes of politics in these countries.

What has changed in recent decades and we have war in Europe (Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and now Ukraine)? Something surprising... the melting of the ice.
The melting of the ice in recent decades has created a new route, which belongs entirely to Russia, Now Russian ships can move in the upper part of the country and reach all Europe, but also the whole world. A global trade dominance based on a new route, all their own.
Of course this would not be left to America, which pushed to control trade by creating a basis for a more direct and efficient route, controlling governments and countries. In countries that he was able to control with the hypocritical label of "the alliance" or the economic impoverishment and exploitation of a country, such as Greece, there was no need for a war with an army, the economic one was enough. The new base in Alexandroupoli was a fact. Where he found resistance, for example in Yugoslavia, he destroyed the country, making trade control bases.

The icing on the cake for Europe was that of Ukraine. The American interests managed to elect in the country an actor whose purpose was to create suitable conditions for the circulation of trade in Europe and, in fact, to block the door of Russia. In this effort, the American bases and the movement of the army, as well as the elimination of the Russian element from the country, found against it the plans of Russia.

Imagine what would happen if Russia made military bases in Mexico or Canada, controlling these countries, on the border of America, Of course they would not allow it and not only would they react, but they would level and disappear these countries from the world map .

Russia for its part would never allow this. Ignoring the thousands of dead and to serve its own funds and interests it started this war in Ukraine, which America is doing repeatedly.

This war after so many years should have stopped. In the story the loser signs a treaty in which he accepts his defeat by ceding the territories he has lost. Of course he does this to protect the areas and the civilian population, so as not to mourn millions of dead. Of course this happens when the country cares about the civilian population and its future, When the president or prime minister does not care and does not care at all he does not end the war and continues it judged abroad clearly serving his personal interests, like this actor of Ukrainian. (We will analyze this more in another article)