Feast day of Saint Euphrasia, 19 January

Ψεύδει σοφῷ φυγοῦσα σαρκὸς τὴν ὕβριν,
Ἀθλεῖς ἀληθῶς ἐκ ξίφους Εὐφρασία.

Holy Martyr Euphrasia came from Nicomedia in Asia Minor and lived during the reign of Maximian (285-305 AD). She came from an official generation and was distinguished for her sobriety and good morals.

Euphrasia was accused of believing in Christ. Then the pagans asked her to deny Christ and sacrifice to idols. But she remained firm and unwavering in her faith. For this reason they handed her over to a rude and barbaric man to dishonor her. But the Saint avoided dishonor in the following way: she promised that uncouth and barbarous man that, if he did not touch her, she would give him a medicine, which he would use in battles, so that he would not be wounded by the swords and javelins of the enemies of. And to convince him that what he had promised him had a basis, she bowed her head and bade him strike her with his sword on her neck, that she might at once confirm it. He formed the opinion that what the Saint had promised him was actually being fulfilled and, after raising his sword, he struck her harder on the neck, with the certainty that she would not suffer anything.

Thus the plan of the Holy Martyr Euphrasia succeeded. In other words, her head was cut off by the executioner's sword, but she saved her chastity and received the crown of martyrdom.