Vasilios I. Kaftantzis

Vasilios I. Kaftantzis was an influential personality with a multidimensional contribution in the field of music, education and medicine. He was the Mayor of Heraklia (Tzoumaia) Born in 1872 in Heraklia, Serron, he worked in various sectors during the period of the Turkish occupation. His house was next to I.N. Dormition of the Virgin near the house of the Macedonian warrior Stergios Vlahveis.

As a music teacher, he taught in villages of Serres and at the Central Greek School of Alistratis, where he also served as the director of the Boarding School. His contribution to music education also extended to Athens, where he taught at the famous Makris High School.

Kaftantzis continued his studies and graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens in 1910. Alongside his medical career, he also contributed significantly to music and poetry. He published the collection of poems entitled "Poetic Echo" and a collection of church songs entitled "Barvito". In 1911 he assumed the position of cantor in the Patriarchate of Constantinople, confirming his deep knowledge and love for church music.

His multifaceted personality and varied activities left an indelible mark on the history and culture of the region. Vasilios I. Kaftantzis passed away on June 8, 1931.