Synopsis of all our Holy Fathers Archbishops and Patriarchs of Constantinople

Samaritan Sunday is special for the Ecumenical Patriarchate, as it is the feast of the "synaxis" for the memory of "all our Holy Fathers, Archbishops and Patriarchs of Constantinople". This feast was instituted by the current Patriarch Bartholomew I upon his election in 1991. On October 24, 1991, the Patriarch proposed to the Endimousa Synod the establishment of a common feast for all his predecessors, from the Apostle Andreas and the first bishop Stachy (38 -54 AD) to Patriarch Cyril VI (1813-1818 AD), who was hanged in 1821.

Patriarch Bartholomew emphasized the importance of the holiday, saying that "we will have the opportunity to invoke their grace and intercession to the Lord in favor of the Mother Church and in favor of us". The Holy and Holy Synod, on November 19, 1991, decided to establish the holiday, which has since been officially celebrated in the Patriarchal Church of Saint George the Trophy-bearer with a Patriarchal and Synodal Liturgy.

For the holiday, a sacred service was composed by the hymn writer Gerasimos the Mikrayannanite, which is sung together with the Pentecost service on Samaritan Sunday, as prescribed by the Standard of the Great Church. In addition, the Metropolitan of Ierissos, Mount Athos and Ardameri, Nikodimos, donated a Holy Icon of the Holy Patriarchs to the Patriarchal Church.
On Samaritan Sunday, every year, the Ecumenical Patriarchate celebrates the feast of the "synaxis" in the holy memory of "all our Holy Fathers, Archbishops and Patriarchs of Constantinople". Firstly, this holiday was established at the suggestion of the current blessed Patriarch Authentos and our Despot Mr. Bartholomew I. Thus, the ATHP, Patriarch Bartholomew, if His election in 1991 AD, proposed to the Indigenous Synod during the session of October 24, 1991 AD. the establishment of a common holiday for all his predecessors, the Holy Patriarchs, from the founder of the Byzantine Church, Protocletos Andrew, and its first bishop Stachyos (38 – 54 AD) established under him to the Ecumenical Patriarch Cyril VI ( 1813 – 1818 AD) hanged outside the door of the Metropolis of Andrianoupolis on April 18, 1821 AD. - "Thus we will have the opportunity to invoke the grace and the Lord's intercession of them in favor of the Mother Church and in favor of us" said our Patriarch at that meeting. By synodical decision, during the session of the Holy and Holy Synod of November 19, 1991 AD, this holiday was established and since then it is solemnly and ecclesiastically celebrated in the chair of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and especially by performing a Patriarchal and Synodical Liturgy, in the Pansepto Patriarchy Church of Saint George the Great Martyr, the trophy bearer. A holy service was also composed on this, under the famous hymn writer of the Holy Church of Christ, Gerasimos of Mikragiannanitos, chanted during the Sunday of the Samaritan, after the service of Pentecost, according to the Typicon of the Great Church. And, from among the members of the respected Hierarchy of the Ecumenical Throne, Metropolitan of Ierissos, Mount Athos and Ardameri, Most Venerable and Exarch of all Halkidiki, Mr. Nikodimos, bestowed upon the Great Church a Holy Icon of the Saints.

Saint Andrew the Apostle, the Protocletos
Saints Stachys, Apellis, Amblias, Urbanos, Narcissus and Aristobulus the Apostles from the Septuagint
Saint Onesimus the Apostle
Saint Kyriakos Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Kastinos, bishop of Byzantium
Saint Mitrophanis Archbishop of Constantinople
Saints Alexander, John and Paul the Younger, Patriarchs of Constantinople
Saint Paul I the Confessor and Hieromartyr Archbishop of Constantinople
Saint Gregory the Theologian
Saints Nektarios, Arsakios and Sisinios Patriarchs of Constantinople
Saint John the Chrysostom Archbishop of Constantinople
Saint Atticus Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Maximian Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Proclus, Archbishop of Constantinople
Saint Flavian Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Anatolios Patriarch of Constantinople
Saints Gennadius and Maximus Patriarchs of Constantinople
Saint Makedonios II Patriarch of Constantinople
Saints Epiphanius and John Archbishops of Constantinople
Saint Minas Archbishop of Constantinople
Saint Eutychios, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint John III Patriarch of Constantinople of Scholastics
Saint John the Faster, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Thomas Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Thomas II the Younger, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saints George and John Patriarchs of Constantinople
Saint Constantine I Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Theodore the First Archbishop of Constantinople
Holy Kallinikos Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Kyros Archbishop of Constantinople
Saint German Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Tarasios Archbishop of Constantinople
Saint Nikiforos the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople
Collection of Holy Relics of Agios Nikiforos the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Methodios the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Ignatius Archbishop of Constantinople
Saint Photios the Great Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Stephen Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Anthony Archbishop of Constantinople
Saint Nicholas I, the Mystical Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Euthymios Patriarch of Constantinople
Saints Stephen II of Amasia Archbishop of Constantinople and John Metropolitan of Chalcedon
Saint Tryphon, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Polyektos Patriarch of Constantinople
Agios Nikolaos II Chrysovergis
Saint Sergius II Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Efstathios Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Constantine, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Kosmas the First Archbishop of Constantinople
Saint John IX Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Leo Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Arsenios the Autorian Patriarch of Constantinople
Saints Cleopas the Apostle and Joseph Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Athanasios I Patriarch of Constantinople
His Holiness Kallistos Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Philotheus the Red Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Callistos II, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Dionysios I Patriarch of Constantinople
Agios Nifon, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Cyril Loukaris Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Athanasios the Patellar, the Seated, Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Parthenios III (or Parthenakis) Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Gabriel Hieromartyr Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Gregory V Patriarch of Constantinople
Saint Cyril VI the Hieromartyr
Saint Jeremiah I Patriarch of Constantinople

Functional texts
Ἦhos a΄. Citizen of the desert.
Byzantium pastors and glorious presidents, become wise Hierarchs, different in this year; through you the Church of Christ, the state is glorified; because of this, proud luminaries, you set fire to those crying; glory to him who strengthens you, glory to him who crowns you, glory to him who assures you , the Orthodox faith.

Heteron Apolytikion
Number d. He understood quickly.
Dance the hymn, Hierarchs of Christ, let us honor together, as Patriarchs, wise men, and divine exponents; for these, having received the glory of the Spirit, became the Church, true shepherds, ambassadors to the Lord, for our souls.

Number d. The exalted one on the Cross.
Of Byzantium, the holy shepherds, as Hierarchs of Christ's Church, and precious vessels of virtue, let us all exult, in one accord, to them crying out; from every need and affliction, deliver us, Hierarchs of Christ, divine.

Constantinople's wise, and secret Shepherds, let us, the faithful, rejoice, those who are in different ways, shining through the times, like pillars and foundations of the Church.