Philip IV of Macedon ( 4th c. BC - 229 BC)

Obverse depicts head of Apollo facing right, wearing a diadem; reverse shows a horseback rider facing right over a double axe

Philip IV (Ancient Greek: Φίλιππος, romanized: Phílippos) was briefly king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia in 297 BC. He belonged to the Antipatrid dynasty and was the son of Thessalonike, daughter of Philip II, and Cassander, king of Macedonia.

Philip succeeded his father unopposed after Cassander succumbed to tuberculosis in 297 at Pella. However, Philip died four months later in Elateia of the same disease, leaving the throne to his two younger brothers, Antipater and Alexander.

Cause of death tuberculosis
Conditions of death natural causes
Parents Kassandros and Thessaloniki of Macedonia
Adelphia Alexander V of Macedonia
Antipater II of Macedonia
Antipatrides Dynasty Family