Meleager of Macedonia (3rd c. BC - 3rd c. BC)

Meleager was king of Macedonia in the year 279 BC. His father is considered to be Ptolemy I the Savior, general and descendant of Alexander the Great and founder of the Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt. His possible mother is Eurydice, the third wife of the latter. His siblings from the same parents were his predecessor on the throne of Macedonia, Ptolemy Kerenos, Lysandra, Ptolemais, Argaeus and an unnamed son of Eurydice.

The Chronicle of Eusebius mentions that Meleager was the brother of Ptolemy Kerainos and the grandson of Lagos, which, if true, makes Meleager the son of Ptolemy I. The name of his mother is unknown to us, but the fact that he succeeded Ptolemy Kerainos suggests that Meleager accompanied him to the court of Lysimachus, king of Thrace, when Kerainos fled there after a dispute over their father's succession with his half-brother brother of Ptolemy II Philadelphus. It is noted that Lysandra was also there. All this increases the chances that Meleager is a half-brother of the previous two.

He succeeded his brother on the throne of Macedonia when he was killed in an invasion of Gauls in the year 279 BC. Meleager reigned for only two months, while the work during this period is unknown. He was dethroned by Antipater II, a nephew of Cassander.


Year (BC) Event
Birth of Meleager, son of Ptolemy the Savior and Eurydice.
282 BC The half-brother of Ptolemy Keraynos, Ptolemy II Philadelphus, succeeds their father depriving the former of the throne. Keraunos departs for Thrace, at the court of Lysimachus. It is most likely that Meleager followed him.
282 BC Meleager and Keraunos' sister, Lysandra, is at loggerheads with Lysimachus' wife, Arsinoe II, since she is instrumental in the events that lead to her husband's execution. The three brothers end up at the court of Seleucus, who agrees to help them.
281 BC Lysimachus dies at the Battle of Kuropedi in February. At the end of the summer the Lightning kills Seleucus seeking to reign in Macedonia himself.
279 BC Invasion of Gauls in Northern Greece. Lightning loses his life in battle, leaving behind political chaos. He is succeeded by Meleagros for about two months. Then it is unknown what happened.

Parents Ptolemy I Sotir and Eurydice of Egypt
Siblings of Arsinoe II of Egypt
Ptolemy II Philadelphus
Ptolemy Kerenoos
Family Ptolemaic Dynasty

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