Foundation ceremony of the old building of the Holy Metropolis of Serres, June 3, 1923

In 1923, on June 3, the foundation ceremony of the old building of the Holy Metropolis of Serres took place, during the term of Metropolitan Christophoros. This event was of particular importance to the local community, as the town of Serres had suffered severe damage and remained in ruins for a decade after it was set on fire. The inhabitants of the city, full of hope and anticipation for the future, wished that this foundation stone would symbolize the beginning of the complete rebirth and reconstruction of their city.

Metropolitan Christophoros, as the leader of the local Church, played a decisive role in this reconstruction effort. The foundation of the new Metropolis was not only a work of religious significance, but also a symbol of the residents' resilience and determination to rebuild their community and leave behind the tragedies of the past. This ceremony reinforced a sense of unity and collective purpose, empowering citizens to move forward and work towards the regeneration of their beloved city.

Through this act, the local community expressed their desire to see the city of Serres regain its former glory and once again become a vibrant center of culture and religious life. The foundation of the Metropolis was the first step in this direction, marking the beginning of a new era of hope and development for all the inhabitants of the region.