Antipater Etesias (4th century BC - 279 BC)

Antipatros, the so-called Etisias from the Antipatrides Dynasty, was ruler of the Kingdom of Macedonia for a few days in the year 279 BC, a year in which the country was characterized by great political instability.

After the death of their ruler, Ptolemy Keraynos, the Macedonians nominated his brother, Meleager, as his successor. However, he was dethroned after only two months, as he proved to be an unworthy ruler. In his place, since there was no other suitable living member of the royal house, they gave the throne to Antipater, son of Philip, brother of Cassander. However, he was replaced by Sosthenes only 45 days later, as Antipater's military skills were deemed too poor to effectively deal with the threat of the invading Gauls. The Macedonians have since called Antipater "Etesias", as his reign coincided with the period when the Annual Winds (Meltemia) blew. Finally, during the reign of Sosthenes the threat was removed and he himself died after two full years of ruling his countrymen.

Parents Philip
Antipatrides Dynasty Family

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