Saint Lucilianos and his companions, June 3

 Λουκιλλιανὸς σύν τε Παῦλα νηπίοις,
Αἵματι ὠνήσαντο Μαρτύρων στέφη.
Σταυρῷ ἀμφὶ τρίτην Λουκιλλιανὸς τετάνυστο.
Lucillian spent most of his life as a pagan priest. At an advanced age he learned the truth of the Christian faith and was baptized. The conversion of such a public figure quickly attracted attention and Lucillian was brought to trial in Nicomedia. After much torture, he was imprisoned with four young Christians, little more than children: Claudius, Hypatius, Paulus, and Dionysius. When they were brought before Silvanus the governor, all five confessed their faith and were sentenced to death and thrown into a fiery furnace. When they miraculously came out alive, they were taken to Byzantium, where the four youths were beheaded and Lucillianus was crucified. A girl named Paula openly received the bodies of the martyrs and buried them. For this in her turn she was tortured and, refusing to renounce her faith in Christ, she was beheaded. This was in the reign of the emperor Aurelian. A church was built in their honor in Constantinople.

Their memory is also mentioned on January 19. Their Synaxis was held in the house of Patriarch Anastasios in Oxia, a small island in the Propontis, or in a location of the same name near the so-called "Embolon of Domninus" in Constantinople

The Lord assured us that "the things that are impossible with men are strong with God". That is, those things that are impossible to do with the weak power and logic of man, these are accomplished and made possible by God. Indeed, who would expect a man who spent almost his entire life in paganism, of which he was also a priest, to become a Christian? And yet. This happened to the old pagan priest Lucillianus, who lived during the reign of King Aurelian in AD 270.

When, therefore, Lucillianus heard a Christian sermon for the first time in his hometown of Nicomedia, divine grace created a real earthquake within him. His pagan beliefs, which were so deeply rooted in his soul, crumbled like paper towers. His senile eyes were opened and with youthful vigor he proclaimed his faith in Christ. He even tried to bring other souls to Him with his preaching. This fact was reported to Count Livania. With courage Lucillian confessed Christ before him. Then the count, pressed also by the heathen priests, who considered the Lucillian deserter of their religion, ordered and tortured him. He was then thrown into the fire to burn, but heavy rain extinguished the fire. Then he was sent to Byzantium, where Lucillianus was required to testify by death on a cross.

Inside the prison, Saint Lucillian found four children, Claudius, Hypatius, Paul and Dionysius, who were imprisoned for the same reason and then beheaded. After the death of the Saint, the virgin Pauli took his Holy relics and buried them. But then, she too was arrested, tortured cruelly and finally beheaded.

Absolute. Ἦhos a'. Angelic Dance.
You shining star, from the night of deceit, O Lucian, you devoutly lit up, legitimately fought, and deceived the deceitful; from whence he sent forth, with the God-fearing Paul, and to the four, Play Christ the Athlete, for our souls.

Kontakion. Ἦhos b'. The above questions.
Of the martyrs of Christ, you were born equal, of severe suffering, you dared to glorify; and with Paul you cried out, and to the uncles of your Creator; Behold, like sheep to the slaughter, we remember Soter, for the desire of sleep.

You have sown the seed of the wise, I have raised Martyrs, through sports the fruit, by which those who honor you, O Lucian, you nurture in secret, in the divine Spirit..