Saint Helladius (4th century hieromartyr)

Ἔλαιον Ἑλλάδιος ἱερωσύνης,
Αἵματι συνέμιξε τοῦ μαρτυρίου.
Εἰκάδι ἑβδομάτῃ Ἑλλάδιον ἔκτανε πυγμή.
Agios Helladius (Elladios) lived in the era of cruel persecutions against the Church. His life as a layman was characterized by great sobriety, an exercise for this and he was elected a bishop. From this position, Helladius, devoted himself to the ministry of his flock. He preached, he taught and with prudence and discernment, he resolved any arising problems. His entire state and ministry succeeded in bringing many pagans to the Orthodox faith.

This action of his provoked the pagans, who arrested him and suggested that he deny Christ to save his life. Enraged by the unwavering faith of the bishop, they subjected him to horrible tortures, but by the grace of God he was cured of everything. Finally after repeated floggings, he surrendered his spirit and received the crown of martyrdom.

He is said to have been a bishop who refused to renounce his Christian faith. and that he was consequently tortured, thrown into the fire but miraculously survived. he was then brutally beaten to death. It is said that Christ visited him while he was in prison and healed his wounds. He is also said to have died during the Persian invasion of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 4th century AD.

His feast day is given either on May 27

Functional texts
Ἦhos pl. a'. The co-anarch Logon.
Feronymus, may I receive as the oil of God, the grace of priesthood, of the creation of Christ, and of the wise priest, Father Helladie, and of the communion of Martyrs, for the struggles of the saints, being born a Hierarch, you abhorred, have mercy on our souls.

Heteron Apolytikion
Ἦhos d'. He quickly realized.
O unshakable pillar, of the Church of Christ, and an unlit lamp of the worldly sage, you have shown yourself, O Greece; you have shone in the world, through martyrdom, you have redeemed the idols, blessed were they who killed her, for in defiance of Christ, you preached to save us.

Ἦhos pl. d'. The superman.
Ὥper olive oil that has blossomed into fruit, sporting priestly virtue of the clouds, to those who have received the mercy of the Word. But as a bright Martyr and fosterer of the faith, guide us to the knowledge of thee, your joys, joyful Father Greece.

Mercy, O divine Greece, the welcome, intercessors before God, bless the Hierarch, glorifying the faithful, of your struggles, the divine sport.