Saint Ermias, May 31

Βάπτεις σεαυτὸν κογχύλῃ σῶν αἱμάτων,,
Ἑρμεία, τμηθεὶς· ὢ βαφῆς ἀνεκπλύτου,
Ἑρμείαν τριακοστῇ ἄορ κατέκτανε πρώτῃ,

The Church commemorates Saint Eustathius, Patriarch of Constantinople, who lived in the early 11th century AD, Holy Martyrs Eusebius, Charalambis, and Christina, who were martyred in the fire, and Holy Martyr Ermias.

Saint Hermias, who was a virtuous soldier, served in Komana, Cappadocia, around the middle of the 2nd century AD.

His courage, bravery, and honesty were recognized by his fellow citizens, as well as his great services to the Roman army.

However, when the local ruler Sebastian informed Emperor Marcus Aurelius that Ermias was a Christian, he tried to make him renounce his faith.

In order to make him renounce his faith, the emperor told him to offer sacrifice to idols. Saint Ermias denied the suggestion while responding that it would be foolish to let go of the light, and follow voluntarily the darkness.

The tortures he had gone through could not break his faith in God. Not even the fire in which he had been thrown left him intact. Eventually, he was beheaded, worthy of the wreath of martyrdom and the honor of the Saints of God.

Saint Ermias is the example for all those who martyred for their faith, by word and deed.

Ἦhos d'. He understood quickly.
Soldiering Christ, the King of all, you bravely broke the ranks of enemies. All-glorious Hermia, for you who were strong, multi-faceted aikias, who exercised in old age, as a soldier of the Word; where he was ambassador, Athlete, may all be saved.

Heteron Apolytikion
Number d´
Your Witness Lord, in his sport, the crown of incorruption was brought, from you our God, because I have your power, he broke the chains of tyrants and the powerless insolence of demons. For these prayers, Christ the God, save our souls.

Ἦhos c'. The Virgin today.
Christ's name, which you readily confessed, and severe hells, subjecting you to the pains, the strength, the intrigues of the lawless; you showed, of piety the whole state; for this in Hermia, the Athlotetis Logos glorified.

Rich in truth fenced in, sitting in lies, Sportsman who found him, in old age young, of soul bearing wisdom, and who exercised legitimately, Hermia glorified.