Parliamentary elections, May 31, 1915

The elections on 31 May 1915 were held by the (King Constantine appointed) government of Dimitrios Gounaris.

In these elections, the regions of Greece that had been annexed after the victories in the Balkan Wars, the so-called "New Countries", i.e. Macedonia, Epirus, Crete and the Aegean islands, voted for the first time.

The Liberal Party won the majority of seats in the Parliament, winning all the seats of Crete, Epirus and the eastern Aegean, while retaining its power in the so-called "Old Greece". In contrast, he was defeated state by state in Macedonia, where the region's ethno-religious minorities voted en masse for the candidates of the Nationalist Party.

Despite the clear victory of Eleftherios Venizelos, the formation of his government took place on August 10, since (according to the official account) the illness of the King prevented him from signing the decree appointing the government earlier.

However, the new Venizelos government did not last long. The prime minister's decision to allow Anglo-French troops to land in Thessaloniki (although the country was still officially neutral) led the King, although the government had just received a vote of confidence from Parliament, to dismiss him.
Finally, after the King could not convince the Parliament to accept the Zaimis solution, he appointed Stefanos Skouludis as Prime Minister and announced new elections for December 6, 1915.