Aristomakhos the Heraclides

In Greek mythology Aristomakhos the Heraclides was the 3rd descendant of Heracles. He was the son of Cleodaeus, who was the son of Hyllus. Successor to the attempt of his ancestors to return to the Peloponnese, Aristomakhos, like them, received a relevant oracle from the Oracle of Delphi with the same name. The oracle given to him, at least as he understood it, said that the gods would grant him victory if he took the "short cut." He believed the phrase meant the Isthmus, but when he tried to cross he was killed there in battle and the Heraclides returned to Central Greece once more. The Peloponnese was finally conquered by his sons: Timenos (the firstborn), Cresphontis and Aristodemus, who passed from Antirrio to Rio in Achaia.

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