10 significant scientific discoveries made by Greeks in the 20th century

10 significant scientific discoveries made by Greek scientists in the 20th century:

Georgios Papanicolaou - Known for the development of the Pap test for cervical cancer screening.

Constantine Carathéodory - Made important contributions to real and complex analysis and the calculus of variations.

Leonidas Zervas - Notable for the Bergmann-Zervas synthesis and Z-group discovery in chemistry.

K.C. Nicolaou - Renowned for the first total synthesis of taxol in chemistry.

Panayotis Katsoyannis - Recognized for the first chemical synthesis of insulin in chemistry.

Michael Dertouzos, Nicholas Negroponte, John Argyris, Joseph Sifakis, Christos Papadimitriou, Mihalis Yannakakis - Made significant contributions to computer science.

Demetrios Christodoulou, Achilles Papapetrou, Dimitri Nanopoulos, John Iliopoulos - Notable physicists with extensive work in various fields of physics.

Fotis Kafatos - Known for contributions to cDNA cloning technology in biology.

Constantine Paparrigopoulos, Helene Glykatzi Ahrweiler - Made significant contributions to history and historiography.

Nicos Poulantzas, Cornelius Castoriadis - Notable political scientists and philosophers.

These Greek scientists have left a lasting impact on their respective fields, contributing to advancements in science, technology, medicine, and philosophy during the 20th century.