Saint Caesarius, brother of Gregory the Theologian, March 9

 Ὁ Γρηγορίου πρὸς νεκρὸν Καισαρίου,
Γλώττης χαλινοῖ τῆς ἐμῆς λόγους λόγος.
Saint Caesarius was the younger brother of Saint Gregory the Theologian (see January 25) and was born in Nazianzo, Cappadocia in the year 330 AD. His parents were Bishop Gregory of Nazianzus (see January 1) and the pious Nonna (see August 5). His older sister was Saint Gorgonia (see February 23).
Patrologia Graeca (Ελληνική Πατρολογία, συντομογραφία PG) or as its full title is Patrologiae Graecae Cursus Completus, is the second collection of Jacques Paul Migne's classic work Patrologiae cursus completus, which includes works of Christian fathers and ecclesiastics authors who wrote in Greek. In the Greek Patrology in Volume 38 we also find the "unknown Caesarius brother of Gregory the Theologian

After his basic education, Caesarius followed his older brother to higher studies in Caesarea of Cappadocia and Palestine and then to Alexandria, where he studied mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, rhetoric and especially medicine, which he loved even more. He then went to Constantinople, where King Constantius and the people received him with honors, and he was appointed physician to the palaces. The benefits he offered to all were great.

When Julian the Violator took power, Caesarius did not come to terms with him and after giving up all the honors and powers that Julian offered him, he returned to his hometown of Nazianzus, where he practiced the profession of doctor, benefiting many of his fellow citizens. When Walis took power (364 AD), Caesarius returned to Constantinople and was appointed "curator of treasures and treasurer of the public money" in Nicaea of Bithynia. There he indulged in new benefactions to the poor and the afflicted. But his ascetic restraint, as well as the many cares and trials, offended his health. He fell seriously ill on March 9, 368 AD. passed away. His holy relic was taken to Arianzo and deposited in a tomb, which had been dug for his parents.