Saint Mitrophanis Archbishop of Constantinople, June 4

Γῆς μητρὸς ἐκστάς, Μητρόφανες παμμάκαρ,
Ἐκεῖ μετῆρας, οὗ Πατὴρ πάντων μέγας.
Μητροφάνης δὲ τετάρτῃ ἔδυ χθόνα βωτιάνειραν.
Saint Mitrophanes was the first bishop of Constantinople (313 - 327 AD); He was the son of Dometius and the nephew of the emperor Probus.

When in May 325 AD the First Ecumenical Council took place in Nicaea, Mitrophanes could not attend himself, because he was quite old and sick. However, he sent as his representative the protopresbyter Alexander, a willing and God-fearing man. Also, during the years when Mitrophanis was Archbishop, many large building projects of Vasilefoussa were founded. Among them are the famous churches of Agia Sophia, Agia Irini and Agia Dynameo.

Mitrophanis died in 327 AD. (probably at the age of one hundred and seventeen) and left as his successor his worthy protopresbyter Alexander (honored August 30). Because he believed that the salvific work of the Church is promoted even more with the correct episcopal succession, thus responding to the divinely inspired word of the Holy Bible, which states that: "they see the bishop is untouchable" (1 Timothy, 3.2). That is, the good and high work of stewardship of God's house must be entrusted to good and chosen people. Therefore, therefore, the bishop must be blameless, so that no one can say anything against him.

Functional texts
Ἦhos d'.
A rule of faith, and an icon of meekness, teacher of self-control, show to your flock the truth of things; for this reason I will humble the high, and the rich. Father Hierarch Mitrophanes, ambassador of Christ to God, save our souls.

Heteron Apolytikion (Download)
Sound pl. a'. The co-ruler Logon.
Virtues shining brightly, Patriarchs unrevealed old man and thea kripis, as Christ's mystagogue Father Bishops, and from a high throne, fathering the Church, the light of piety. And now he truly suffers, have mercy on our souls.

Sound d'. You are lifted up on the Cross.
The Hierarch of Christ Mitrophanes, the phosphorescent lamp of the Church, the unanimous Word of the Fathers, in the midst of preachers, god-giving Fathers, and thrones adorned, Vasilidos in the first, and prophecy by the grace of God, clearly received, let us sing in unison.

Heteron Kontakion
Ἦhos b'. The above questions.
The faith of Christ, which thou hast taught, and keeping it, thou hast indeed increased to multitudes, thy faithful flock: thou Angels from Metrophanes, call forth now also to Christ, thou art faithfully interceding for us all.