Saint Philosopher the Hieromartyr and his companions Boris and Nikolaos the Martyrs, May 31

The Holy Hieromartyr Philosopher (Nikolayevich Ornatskyi) lived in the 19th and 20th centuries AD. In 1885 AD he finished the theological academy of Saint Petersburg and married Eleni Zaozerkoy. He was ordained an elder and worked pastorally developing a huge charity and missionary work. He was spiritually connected with Patriarch Tycho and during the first world war he stood by the injured soldiers and their families. His son Nikolaos served with senior rank in the 9th Russian battalion and his son Boris was appointed as the commander of the 23rd artillery brigade and fought heroically on the Austro-Hungarian front.

After the revolution of 1917 AD, the Holy Martyr Philosopher was arrested, on August 9, 1918 AD, together with his sons by state security men, who took them to the prisons of Krostandi. They were executed by firing squad, thus testifying to their faith in our Lord and God.