Οfficial inquiry for people who presented with chlamydia

Reactions have been caused by the presence of tourists in the Acropolis, who dressed in chlamys and posed.

"No action or guided tour had been organized by the Ephorate, nor has the relevant approval been given by the Ministry of Culture", says in a statement issued after questions from journalists, the Ephorate of the City of Athens, Elena Kountouri, regarding the presence of people with ancient Greek costumes at the Acropolis, Saturday afternoon, April 27. According to the same announcement, an Οfficial inquiry has been ordered for the incident..
Specifically, the Commissioner of the City of Athens stated the following:

"1. It is in no way part of the VIP tour, given that the start of the action in question is planned by ODAP, after May 10 of this year.

2. No action or guided tour had been organized by the Ephorate, nor had the relevant approval been given by the Ministry.

3. As the area was visited - with a ticket - large groups of visitors, among them some in ancient Greek costumes, without being noticed by the talismanic staff of the Service, although it has recently been substantially reinforced, with IDOH staff.

4. Already, a Sworn Administrative Examination (SAR) has been ordered, in order to establish the facts and assign responsibilities".

The photos with the wretched aesthetic spectacle of the "models" with their white faces, ancient Greek costumes, sandals, shields and helmets, who appeared on the Acropolis and posed in front of the Parthenon, have made the rounds on social media, provoking questions and reactions, as, among other things, it is forbidden to enter the archaeological sites with clothing that suggests a disguise.