Εύζωνες την δεκ του 1920, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα / Evzones 1920s, Athens, Greece

Οι ΕΥΖΩΝΕΣ παρατάχθηκαν φορώντας τις φουστανέλλες τους, μια παραδοσιακή ελληνική φορεσιά, δεκαετία του 1920, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα 

The Presidential Guard (Greek: Προεδρική Φρουρά, romanized: Proedrikí Frourá) is a ceremonial infantry unit that guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Presidential Mansion in Athens, Greece. The unit is distinguished as the last unit of Evzones in the Hellenic Army, and is closely associated with the traditional Evzone's uniform, which evolved from the clothes worn by the klephts in the Greek War of Independence. The most visible item of this uniform is the fustanella, a kilt-like garment. In 1868–1914 and 1937–1973 (with interruptions), the guard also included a cavalry company.