The statue of King Leonidas of Sparta, Brunswick, Australia

Designer: Petros Georgariou (Greece

The statue of King Leonidas was commissioned by the City of Brunswick to celebrate the Memorandum of Understanding between Sparta and Brunswick. 
The statue which cost $30,000 has been the subject of local controversy. 
For many years Brunswick was known as the suburb of Spartans. An influx of migrants from the Laconian region of Greece, including its capital Sparta, moved in during the 1950s and 1960s and gave the suburb some of its best bakeries, cafes and shops. The new residents formed a social organisation called the Pallaconian Brotherhood. 
Front Inscription
King of ancient Sparta died at the Battle of Thermopylae 480BC
(Greek spelling) 

Left Side Inscription
This memorial was erected by Moreland City Council and the Pallaconian Brotherhood in memory of all those who have sacrificed their lives for freedom and democracy.

It symbolizes the enduring friendship between the people of Greece and Australia and recognizes the Sister City relationship between Moreland and Sparta.

Unveiled on the 29th November 2009 by
Mayor of Moreland Deputy Mayor Sparta Prefect of Laconia
Cr. L. Tapinos Dr. P. Kalomiris Mr. K. Fourkas

Leonidas was a hero-king of Sparta, the 17th of the Agiad line, one of the sons of King Anaxandridas II of Sparta, who was believed in mythology to be a descendant of Heracles, possessing much of the latter's strength and bravery. Leonidas I is notable for his leadership at the Battle of Thermopylae.

During two full days of battle, the small force led by King Leonidas I of Sparta blocked the only road by which the massive Persian army could pass. After the second day of battle, a local resident named Ephialtes betrayed the Greeks by revealing a small path that led behind the Greek lines. Aware that his force was being outflanked, Leonidas dismissed the bulk of the Greek army, and remained to guard the rear with 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians, 400 Thebans and perhaps a few hundred others, the vast majority of whom were killed. Leonidas was killed in the battle.

The Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria ‘O Leonidas’ was founded as a non-profit organisation on 15th December 1961 by Greek migrants to Australia, whose ancestry hailed from the region of Laconia in the southern Peloponnese.

The Club’s goals are:

To provide social interaction between Laconians, Greeks and their broader Australian Community
Organise a network to assist elderly Greek Australians
And to give back to society through philanthropic acts

Today the Club’s Main, Senior and Youth Committees all work in tandem to serve their members and the local community, by growing the Club and living up to the aims of the Constitutions.